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Always liked this comic.

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I work at ScuzzTV now btw.

Ideal job.

Happy days


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Rarely use this guy anymore

All ya’ll need to know is, I’m busy trying to sort my life out in in the industry I want to work in.

I’ll probably resume posting naked birds in a bit.






I want to see this in a horror game

Those trees are really prett— oh.

Oh holy shit.

I was like “ohhh, pretty cherry bloss— OH GOD.

Someday these will be my windows.


The horror game, or movie, aspect has me intrigued. That would be really cool/

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Tiny Miss Becca (@s6girl)

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Seems legit…

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Me in my natural habitat


The Brave Little Toaster by Jon Laing

An illustrated remake for one of the greatest animated films of all time (according to 10 year old Ian Brooks, and that kid is an expert), Jon wanted to update all of the characters, bringing them more in line with modern technology but with the exception of changing Radio to an iPod Dock, it seems toaster, vaccuum, and blankey tech has not yet caught up with scifi ideals.

Artist: Behance / Tumblr / Facebook

this film deserves all the recognition

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